Santa Fe Media & Education Center

Dr. George A. Colburn, Executive Producer of "Navajo Code Talkers: In Their Own Words," interviews Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Sandoval on Guam's "Invasion Beach" where Mr. Sandoval landed with his Marine unit 61 years earlier. (Photo by Martina Betz)

The Center is a federally approved non-profit organization incorporated in the State of New Mexico. It was organized in 2002 to develop and produce television documentaries and related educational programming. Dr. George A. Colburn is currently the President of the Center.

The Center's first major national project, a 60-minute documentary entitled "NAVAJO CODE TALKERS: In Their Own Words," was recently produced for the Center by Starbright Media Corporation. Primary funding for this documentary was provided by the State of New Mexico. Earlier, research and development of the project benefitted from funding by Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Gross and the late Michael Kammerer.

The Center's second national project, "MAKING IT NEW: Invention, Innovation and Entrepreneurship," is nearing completion. Research and development of this course of study was funded by the the Ewing Marian Kauffman Foundation of Kansas City, MO. When completed, this multi-media and interactive program of study will be marketed nationally to colleges and universities. Visit for more information.


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